Scotty’s Brewhouse: An Indiana Gem

rebeca  Saturday, April 14, 2012

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If you’re a reader of blogs, then you probably get what I mean when I mention the term Internet Celebrity. It’s the online persona that you love. The person you follow on facebook and/or twitter because everything they post is so interesting/funny/relevant to your life. I got to meet one of my favorite internet celebrities recently while dining with some amazing bloggers.


It all started last year when Liz from Eternal Lizdom suggested we meet at Scotty’s Brewhouse in downtown Indianapolis. I had never been there, but I’m always eager to support locally owned businesses, so it sounded like a great choice to me. I fell in love right away. The service was phenomenal and my burger was out of this world. Then Liz told me how much she enjoyed following Scotty on facebook and my little obsession was born.

I’ve been following Scott for a little over a year and it’s been really interesting. It’s not just a PR team fronting their social media presence…it’s Scott himself, which is quite refreshing. I enjoy following his page because there is a nice mix of content that isn’t entirely self serving. Scott posts a lot of interesting, albeit random, links from around the web (you know I love that stuff!) along with information about Indy, the restaurant industry and his business, sprinkled in with a good dose of humor. (I also enjoy following companies that are successfully navigating social media….and I’m fully aware of the geek status behind that.)

Now, let me tell you why I love Scotty’s Brewhouse:

1. It’s a family friendly restaurant for adults. By that, I mean that if you head there for lunch or dinner with the kids, the staff is more than accommodating. In addition to offering free kids meals on Tuesday and Sunday, they’ll cut your child’s food into bite-sized pieces and offer to bring it out first if you’d like. It doesn’t stop there, though. The servers are always happy to help in any way and don’t seem to mind at all if a french fry or two (or 100) falls on the floor. But with all that family friendly attitude, it’s still a sports bar and a great place to go without the kids.

shewman2. The menu is amazing and they use real food that is sourced locally whenever possible. You can call me a food snob if you want, but when I find a restaurant that offers a fresh burger that’s made with 100% beef, you better believe I’m going to latch on. (I particularly love the Shewman Special, which artfully combines peanut butter and jalapeños with a hand-pattied 8-ounce burger….oh, it’s so good!) It’s an added bonus that Scotty’s buys locally as much as possible and features local businesses on a regular basis.

3. They can be allergy friendly and offer selections for specialty diets. Yup, that’s right, I ordered a gluten free beer, a gluten free bun for my burger and a side of black beans and rice all from the gluten free portion of the menu. (They also have a low-calorie menu as well.) It also helps that most of their servers know exactly what’s in the food so they can answer all your questions on the spot and there’s no guess work.

4. The company is actively involved in the community. This isn’t just another restaurant to line the streets of Indy and Scotty isn’t just another fat cat business owner sitting back on his riches. Scotty’s plays an active role in local philanthropic projects by organizing meals for the homeless, collecting and delivering toys to Riley Hospital, organizing a school supply and sporting goods drive for those in need and donating a portion of their profits to disaster relief efforts in Indiana.

530327_10150667077976817_23452531816_9881214_1598569657_n5. They take care of their employees. Employees get a handwritten card from Scott with cash for their anniversary. I was also impressed when I saw this quote by Scott: “I go against the grain in saying that our customers aren’t actually number one. Our employees are number one, because if they are happy, they will make our customers happy.” That says a lot about the company and it’s evident by the service you get every time you go to Scotty’s.

6. They have a pretty cool VIP program. For $10, you can sign up for this program that gives you exclusive access to tapping and tasting parties, discounts and rewards points you can use to get free stuff. Plus, you get a Kidz Klub membership for free with your VIP membership.

scotty's brewhouseSo, if you’re looking for a great place for your next guys night out, date night, mom’s night out or family dinner, I highly recommend Scotty’s Brewhouse. In addition to the downtown location, they have restaurants in Muncie, Bloomington, West Lafayette, and on Indy’s Northside. You can also find Scotty’s Lakehouse in Fishers, Thr3e Wise Men Brewery in Broadripple and Scotty’s Burger Joint in Columbus. (I recommend visiting The Commons in Columbus for their indoor playground, or the Kids Commons for some educational play and then hitting up Scotty’s Burger Joint for lunch. They are all within walking distance of each other.)

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