Money Savers

Easy All-Natural Foaming Hand Soap for About 50 Cents

I love foaming hand soap. It’s so easy for kids to use and I feel like it extends the life of bottle of soap. But I’m always surprised when I see the price of foaming hand soap at the store. Close to $5 for one bottle? You have to be kidding me! Not only that, […]

Exclusive Coupon for Big Splash Adventure

There are just a couple weeks left of school and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking about what kind of fun activities you’ll plan for the summer. Here’s a list of hot spots I made for last year. This year my family is looking to add some more water fun for the kids. […]

Save Big Money on Fresh Fruits and Veggies with Produce Auctions

originally posted September 6, 2012 I am a pretty frugal person, so it’s not often that I come across a money saving tip I haven’t heard before. But recently I’ve been buying a lot more fresh produce and I’ve been looking everywhere for ideas to save money. Then I came across this post from Keeper […]

DIY All Purpose Cleaner: Cheap, Safe, Effective (With Printable Label)

If you would have told me five years ago that I’d be making my own cleaning supplies, I probably would have laughed at you. Honestly when the subject comes up, I instantly think of one of two images. 1. My sweet great aunt using a vat of lard to make soap on the farm. or […]

Recipes for Chest Rub, Lip Balm, Muscle Rub, Healing Ointment & Cuticle Cream

I love DIY projects because they allow me to be creative while saving money. But, let’s be honest, we’re all busy and we only have so much time to spend in the kitchen. That’s why I love this recipe because not only is it incredibly easy to make, but it can also be used for several […]

For Fun

WonderLab: An Unexpected Gem in Bloomington

It’s a blessing to live in Central Indiana. There are so many things to do, it’s nearly impossible to get bored. On the flip side though, sometimes it’s hard to fit it all in. This year, I can check Bloomington’s WonderLab off my list. I have to admit, I had little knowledge of the science […]

Indiana Summer Fun 2014

School is out for the summer and that means it’s time for my family to get active. Because Indiana schools are moving toward the balanced schedule, we only have two months to fill with fun adventures. I think I’m up for the task, but I have to admit, it’s been hard trying to decide where […]

Exclusive Coupon for Big Splash Adventure

There are just a couple weeks left of school and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking about what kind of fun activities you’ll plan for the summer. Here’s a list of hot spots I made for last year. This year my family is looking to add some more water fun for the kids. […]

8 Reasons to Check out Celebration Crossing at the Indiana State Museum

I love Indy because there’s always so much to do. Every time the season changes, I rub my hands together and start planning our activities. Now that Thanksgiving is just about here, I can start thinking about holiday fun. We have a few places we like to visit every year, such as Holiday Fun at […]

Destination Lafayette – A Weekend Full of Educational Family Fun

I must have had the same conversation with at least five different people. Here’s how it went: Me: We’re taking a little weekend vacation. Them: Where are you going? Me: Lafayette. Them: Really? You chose Lafayette for a vacation? To be fair, Lafayette is only about two hours from our house on Indy’s southside. So, […]

Our Word

My family’s bursting coat closet and one thing you haven’t thought of that made all the difference!

This post was submitted by guest blogger, Jill Levenhagen, who blogs at and Jill is a busy mom who truly believes in balance. She is a photography blogger, but loves to talk about mom successes on her friend’s blogs! Do you have this problem too? This closet looked so perfectly 1⁄2 empty before kiddos, but […]

Losing My Religion…and Searching for Answers

There’s something that’s bothering me. My faith is shaken. I’m not sure if it’s been a progression or if something snapped with me. For a while I was just angry and that was OK. People can relate with that. We’re all angry that things don’t go our way. Frustrated that our burdens seem to overwhelm […]

How to Protect your Kids’ Cell Phone and Why it’s Important

Both of my kids are a bit young to have their own cell phones. But, they are getting to the age where we’re thinking about investing in a piece of technology for them….and the thought of that sort of scares me! My oldest is 6 and while I know we’re probably late joining this game, […]

My Kindergarten Anxiety

My son has started kindergarten and I’m a little more apprehensive about it than I expected. OK, I’m a lot more apprehensive! It’s not that I’m hung up on the fact that he’s growing up. I mean, every parent feels a little sadness over the speed with which our children grow. But that’s not what’s […]

Finding New Friends through Parent Groups

I’m not the type of person who makes friends easily. I mean, I’m a social person but I lack the grace part of the equation. It wasn’t so difficult when I was in school because it was easier to make friends through study groups or extra-curricular activities. When I was a young adult, friendships revolved […]

Stuff We Love

Crowdfunding with Custom Designed T-Shirts

I love the idea of all the crowdfunding sites that are popping up. The concept is pretty simple. You set a campaign and ask people to donate online. The causes are limitless. You can use it to fund a business startup, healthcare costs, attending a conference and more. You might have seen me posting about […]

Goldfish Swim School Provides a State-of-the-Art Facility with Year Round Lessons

My son loves the water. He loves playing in the sprinkler, the water table, the bath and just recently even the shower. He especially loves swimming. It’s great exercise, but Because he’s a sensory seeker, it’s also immensely therapeutic for him. I’ve taken him to a couple places for lessons, but when I recently had […]

Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu

Wow, it seems that this year has been particularly bad for illnesses. I mean every other week someone in my family is coughing, sneezing or throwing up. I can’t wait till spring is here! But, in the mean time, I’m working all my natural remedies to keep our immune systems pumping and minimize symptoms. Here are some […]

A Recap and Top Picks from the 2012 Gluten Free Living Now Expo

Editors Note: Indianapolis recently held a gluten free expo which I was not able to attend. Fortunately for us, my friend Pam Newlin was able to go in my place. She has guided me through my quest to heal my family through diet and I knew she’d be the best choice for this post. Pam […]

Essential Oils for Neurological Disorders, ADHD, and Autism Related Conditions

When I talk about using essential oils for neurological or spectrum related problems, it’s important to note that I have not found one specific oil or blend that has been overly effective in treating the specific disorder. As I’m sure you know, these are complex diseases that require treatment from many angles. But, when used […]

Win It

St. Lawrence Fall Festival — Welcome Cooler Temperatures with Funnel Cakes and Carnival Rides

Congratulations, Amy, you won the St. Lawrence Festival prize pack. Please message me at theaverageparent[at]gmail[dot]com to claim your prize and I will arrange for your tickets to be available for pick up at the ticket sales tent. I have to admit, that I’m not quite ready for summer to be over. Still, I do love […]

Enter to Win a Canon PowerShot Digital Camera from Rudi’s Organic Bakery

There’s nothing that says American childhood like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Unfortunately, due to food allergies, my family can’t really enjoy that lunch box staple. Thank goodness for delicious gluten free breads like Rudi’s and peanut butter replacements like Sunbutter, I can give my kids the next best thing. And while I’m not […]

Post a Snapshot to win CooperVision’s #no2views Contest

Anybody who knows me knows that I love taking pictures. I’m not very good at it, but I’ve always been one to chronically the fun adventures my friends and family enjoy. Now that I’m contemplating a purchase of my first smart phone, I can only imagine how many snapshots I’ll take. Look out instagram, you […]

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Helpful Tip

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” End of School-Year Tradition

It’s not too much longer till the school year comes to a close, so I wanted to share this amazing idea I found on…you guessed it…Pinterest. You all know the book Oh, The Places You’ll Go from Dr. Seuss. It’s a great graduation gift. But, Lisa from Lisa’s Workshop suggests grabbing a copy when your kid is young. At the end of each school year, give it to your child’s teacher to sign or write a note. When you’re child graduates (hard to think of!), you’ll have a lovely gift to give him/her. Lisa has even included some lovely tags in her blog post, so make sure to go check it out.

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